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A Dream

So first and foremost, THANK YOU. Without you, this dream could have never become a reality.

This story starts in 1990 Sonora, Mexico. A husband and wife had just sold their one and only car to pursue their dream of owning an ice cream shop, but not just any ice cream shop a "La Michoacana." These stores were well known in Mexico so it's no secret that everyone love's them and they were finally able to own one themselves. Little did they know it would bring them here to the U.S. years later where they would raise their family and bring that dream to IL in 2013. Not only that, but it was the first "La Michoacana" to open in Rockford.


Since then, our family-owned business has expanded to three locations and has served the greater Rockford area for over 9 years.


We have been able to bring so much joy and happiness throughout the years through our ice cream and carefully curated authentic Mexican recipes that are made in small batches with premium and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Come on in and taste some of our delicacies.

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