A Dream

So first and foremost, THANK YOU. Without you, this dream could have never become a reality.

This story starts in 1990 Zonora, Mexico. My parents had just sold their one and only car to pursue their dream of owning an ice cream shop that they later called "La Michoacana." These stores were well known in Mexico so it's no secret that everyone love's them. Little did they know it would bring them here to the U.S. where they would raise their family and 15 years later bring that dream back to life and inspire their children to do the same.

My parents raised us kids with the idea that with some hard work and a dream, you can make anything happen. When I realized how important and special their craft was I got to work and followed in their footsteps.

They were able to bring so much joy and happiness throughout the years through ice cream and I am honored to be able to do the same for future generations. Only, with a modern twist. Our carefully curated authentic mexican recipes are made in small batches with premium and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Come on in and taste some of our delicacies.